Chainsaw Tools

These is some of our selection of chainsaw tools and grinders.  We carry Forester brand chainsaw grinders and Silvey Brand chainsaw grinders.  If you need to have some parts or wheels for your grinder please call us at 417-883-9811. 

12 Volt Chainsaw Sharpener
12 Volt Chainsaw Grinder- sharpener

Forester 12 Volt Chainsaw Sharpener

8 Tongs
8" Swedish Style Tongs

Get a grip with these 8" Swedish Style Tongs.

8 Zinc Alloy Felling Wedge
8" Zinc Alloy Felling Wedges

Hard To Find Zinc Alloy Felling Wedge

Chainsaw sharpening kit picture
Chainsaw sharpening kit

Forester Chainsaw Sharpening Kit

Bench chainsaw chain grinder
Forester Chain Grinder

Forester Bench Mount Chain Grinder


Comes with 3 blades and sharpens 1/4" up to 3/4" pitch chain

Forester Multi-tool
Forester Chainsaw Multi-Tool Multiple Function

​Forester Chainsaw Multi-Tool

Heavy Duty Steel Skidding Tong
Forester Heavy Duty 35" Skidding Tongs

Heavy Duty Steel Skidding Tong

Forester Swivel Skidding Tongs

Swivel Skidding Tongs

Log Wizard in use
Log Wizard

The Amazing Log Wizard

Pro Non-Spiked Wedge
Pro Non-Spiked Wedge

Pro Non-Spiked Wedges

$5.00 - $9.00
Pro Spike Barbed Wedges
Pro Spiked Barbed Wedge

Pro Spiked Barbed Wedges

$5.00 - $10.00
1lb Kindling Splitter Wedge
Splitting Wedge

Splitter Wedges

$6.25 - $16.55
Chainsaw Stump Vise
Stump Vise

Stump Vise

Tapered Chain Saw Wedge
Tapered Chain Saw Wedges

Tapered Chain Saw Wedges

$10.00 - $11.00
Triple Tapered Wedge
Triple Tapered Wedge

Triple Tapered Wedges

$8.50 - $9.50