Husqvarna Cylinder and Piston Kit

Husqvarna Cylinder and Piston Kit
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These are Forester Brand cylinder and piston kits.  We are closing out our stock on chrome coated ones and moving to all NICI coated.  The NICI coating is to combat the effects of ethanol in fuel.  Due to high demand please send me an to make sure we still have these in stock.  At this price they are moving pretty fast. 

 Keep in mind that we are starting to work our way towards a 100% one ring kit.  The one ring creates more compression.  We will work our way through the old 2 ring kits until we get them all sold.

These are precision manufactured replacement cylinder and piston kits for Husqvarna® chainsaws. The kits include cylinder, piston, pin, clips and rings.  The cylinder is chrome coated.



Fits Models OEM Number Bore Size
Husqvarna ® 51 5031683-01 45mm
Husqvarna ® 61 5035310-71 48mm
Husqvarna ® 181, 281, 288 5039074-01 54mm
Husqvarna ® 268 5036110-71 50mm
Husqvarna ® 268, 272 5036096-71 52mm
Husqvarna ® 357XP, 359, Jons. 2159 50371573-02

Sold Out

Husqvarna ® 362, 371, 372 5039393-72 50mm
Husqvarna ® 365 5036910-73 48mm


These are Forester Brand replacement parts.  The use of the model name, number, and OEM number is for your reference only.

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