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Battlecreek has come up with a new design for the very popular Freshwater Umbrella lure Rig.  Here is why this lure is better.

1)  Have you seen the version the pros use?  Have you seen the wire fall out of their model?  Take a look at the picture of our wire inside the head and compare.

2)  The weight of this product is about 1/2 oz. 

3)  The head is a solid heavy duty plastic.  It is almost impossible to break, even when struck with a hammer.

4)  Since the head isn't made of soft lead, the wires don't deform the head when you bend them out.

5)  We have included a rubber band.  This band makes the lure great for storage.  Simply roll the band near the head when the lure is in use.  Then return the band to the bottom for storage.

6)  The wire is Copper coated stainless steel in 0.40 gauge.

7)  The swivels are 90lbs strength coastal swivels.

Don't settle for a product that will break at the worst time. 

We will combine shipping on multiple orders.

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