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Introducing our all new Alabama Style Rig do it yourself kit.  This kit will allow the angler who wants to make lures access to the stainless steel wire form.  You will be able to make 3 freshwater umbrella lure rigs with 5 legs.  The wire is copper coated stainless steel .040 diameter.  Please select if you would like the open eye or the closed eye style.

How to make a home made Alabama Style Rig:

For both kits you will need to thread the legs through the coil in the head.  (like a key on a key ring)  Because the coil is tight, I spread the coil to allow for the threading.  You may want to use a blade.  I used a screw driver in the picture.  By threading the wire through the coil you will ensure that you don't lose a bait.  After that you are ready to poor your head.  Many people use a lead head.  Our umbrella rigs are made with reasin. 


Kit ONE:

The CLOSED EYE Umbrella rig kit.  In this kit the eyes are closed.  You will need to add a split ring in order to use your swivel or bait.  Use this kit if you don't have a good way to bend the wire.


Kit TWO:

This kit OPEN EYE Umbrella rig kit.   In this kit you eyes are open.  You will be able to slide your split ring or swivel into the eye before you close it.  Use this kit if you have the ability to twist the eye.


We will have stainless steel wire WITHOUT the copper coating availble in mid-February.  If you have any questions let me know.


Value Package

Alabamba Rig + Sexy Shad Umbrella rig lure

Buy Alabama Style Rig kit and Alabama style Freshwater Umbrella rig lure.

Total Price: $24.00
Price for the Bundle: $24.00

This Item: Alabama Style Rig kit
Alabama style Freshwater Umbrella rig lure

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